Special Event

We are happy to announce that on Tuesday, November 8 we plan the following special event in collaboration with IPEM:

Computing embodied experiences with Music

An evening lecture followed by two demonstrations

Authors: Prof. dr. Marc Leman, Pieter-Jan Maes, Luc Nijs



Recent brain research provides evidence that music modifies the brain on the basis of a coupled action-perception (or hearing-doing) system. The work of my team so far been pushing the frontiers of musical action-perception research by linking the basic concepts of “musical gesture” and “music mediators” to computational environments. We focus on two types of music mediators: (1) the human body as the natural mediator, and (2) technology as the artificial mediator, where the latter is seen as an extension of the human body. Mediators allow the human mind to construct new types of realities in which new meaning formation is possible. Using computational tools, we aim at extending these realities. This approach will be illustrated by means of two demonstrators. A first demonstrator is the Music Paint Machine. This is a system that translates sound and movement of a musician into visuals. The second demonstrator is the Conduction Master. This is a system that hooks into the action-perception loop such that the loop can be extended and modified. The audience can test the demonstrators.