The proceedings volume including the accepted papers and extended abstracts can be downloaded here.




Gerard Alberts, University of Amsterdam, Developing an historical notion of software

Julian Rohrhuber, Robert Schumann School of Music and Media, Algorithmic complementarity. Some thoughts on experimental programming and the history of live coding



Wolfgang Brand,Two Approaches to One Task: A Historical Case Study of the Implementation and Deployment of two Software Packages for the Design of Light-Weight Structures in Architecture and Civil Engineering

Selmer Bringsjord and Jinrong Li, On the cognitive science of computer programming in service of two historic challenges

Timothy Colburn and Gary Shute, The Role of Types for Programmers

Edgar G. Daylight, A Compilation of Dutch Computing Styles, 1950s--1960s

Shintaro Miyazaki, Algorhytmic listening 1949-1962. Auditory practices of early mainframe computing

Pierre Mounier-Kuhn, Logic and computing in France: A late convergence

Allan Olley, Is plugged programming an Oxymoron?

Uri Pincas, On the Nature of the Relation between Algorithms and Programs

Nikolay v. Shilov, Parallel Programming as a Programming Paradigm

V. Kitov, S. Silantiev, V. Shilov, Anatoly Kitov and ALGEM algorithmic language


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