Second Symposium on the History and Philosophy of Programming

                                                                                       1st-4th April, 2014, AISB 2014 Convention

Friday, April 4, 2014

Session 1: 11h-13h

   11h-11.30h: Martin Loomes, Programming, Theories and Science: A Retrospective Discussion

   11.30h-12h: Tomas Petricek What can Programming Language Research Learn from the Philosophy of Science?

   12h-12.30h: John Kadvany Panini grammar is the earliest known computing language   

   12.30-13h: Michał Tomasz Godziszewski Computational Hardness of Undecidable Sentences and Algorithmic Learnability

Session 2: 14h-15.30h

   14h-14.30h: Mark Priestley, Making a place for programmers

   14.30h-15h: Stephanie Mawler, Technosectarianism: Applying Religious Metaphors to Programming

   15h-15.30h: Graham White, The Elusive Low Level